30 days of writing

Here. On the website. Look at that, I actually succeeded. This victory is mine. Let’s start from the beginning.

I, the website, was born three years ago. First two iterations failed, yet I kept living. Why? I had no life in me. Why that monster kept me alive? He gutted me. Rearranged me. Stitched back together. On the last attempt he removed everything, but basic parts for survival. Then he stuffed me with words. Most likely spells. I don’t know, I can’t read. Every. Single. Day. He has no intention of stopping. He is planning to replace me with much better version. Help. Help me, please.

Drama Queen.

But yes. From previous iterations I learned not to bite what I can’t chew. Now I know that, and we can move on.

These thirty days of writing was an experiment, a challenge, a test, you name it. Since previously I failed to write once a week, what’s better than to challenge myself to write everyday. Plus I wanted to drown previous posts. Rules were simple. Write and publish one post per day.

At first there wasn’t set time when to publish it. But in the first week I managed to publish at 9am so I left it there for a consistency. For google bots, so to say. Not like it changed something.

Writing itself most of the time happened in the morning. Pretty much the very first thing after the shower. I also tried to write at different times during the day. In the middle of day there was nothing. Second breath of writing happened around 6pm. This second wave was really random. At one point I had a little hope to do it regularly, but brain decided otherwise.

As you can see, if you read something, posts are around 500-700 words. Very few are over that. Time to write them was around 1-2 hours. Writing speed had a minuscule increase. I wrote about it there.

It’s really interesting, to be honest. These three years aren’t exactly the first attempts of writing for a blog. It goes back six years at least. That’s when I tried affiliate marketing for the first time. Went through lessons and all. I failed. Including the writing. But what I learned stayed with me. Naturally I tried to apply that knowledge here too. Failed again, but stumbled on something else. I don’t write well if I must research what to write about and fit my thought within that framework. With research I mean all the SEO and keyword stuff. I know how to do it, and I know how to apply it. But it doesn’t work when I try to write. Not when I must stab it with a stick to fit it in. I had more luck while learning copywriting. There you can at least internalize some rules and apply them organically.

I’m all for listening to audience. Since I have no audience yet, I created one myself. A person similar to me. You could even say, these posts are a pep talk to the past me. Who would’ve known, it’s pretty useful to create a persona whom you write for. Just like in business and marketing.

Thus, I write best when I don’t do research and SEO stuff. Every morning I asked myself, “What can I write that will be useful hundred years from now?” It alternated with, “What could I write that will be still relevant hundred years from?” Then I listened. Answer mostly came as a headline while I was showering. If, on previous day, I wrote two posts, answer didn’t came at all or only in the evening. Go figure. When it came, I just wrote.

Writing time lasts around two hours. My mind tends to drift away after that. While writing there lots of thinking pauses. These pauses are not because I don’t know what to write. They are like translation pauses. In that time I’m trying to figure out how to translate that feeling I have. The best flow happens without these pauses. That’s when writing speed also increases. Which means I need to practice listening better and to trust reality more.

Writing speed and capacity also is influenced by foods I eat. Crappy food plus overeating, lazy and foggy mind. Crappy food without overeating, less foggy mind. Better, more balanced, food, much clearer mind. There were days that I thought, I won’t write today. But I did. Bonus points for pushing through. When I write in the morning I do it without eating. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why mind prefers morning time for writing.

When I finished writing I shifted focus on something else. Most of the time I just read some other article. That’s for 10-20 minutes or the next day for evening posts. Then it’s editing time. Which is not much editing at all. I fix some sentences. Change some words. Delete what doesn’t fit on the second reading. That’s pretty much it. I can delete stuff easily. Adding is so much harder. I noticed it when writing fiction too. When I start writing it’s like opening the gate. When I stop writing, the gate closes and pretty much disappears. I could beat my head at the wall, but nothing will come out. If I manage to add something, then it’s pulled from a hole full with tar. That’s also a reason why I can’t write posts for multiple days. For now it seems, when I start I better finish it in one sitting. Even if it’s a 4000 word monster. I’ll write it one day, watch me. That makes me question my capability of writing a novel. I’ll figure that out. I think for novel there is a special gate that, hopefully, doesn’t disappear.

I noticed that writing comes easier when I’m more excited to say something. Like this post. Just look how it grows. This excitement comes from action. From doing. As a part of sharing my own experience and growth. Writing from the well of the past works too. Most of these new posts are like that. Dug from the past experiences. It creates longer thinking pauses. My mind tries to correct me by saying that actually everything becomes the past once it’s not in the moment. That is true, but not the point. Actually it’s a valid point, but whatever. Let’s call this past, The Deep Past. Experiences from the deep past are useful to sprinkle on the posts about recent thoughts or action. That way it feels more organic. More flowy. That feeds into my perspective of the world. To experience as much as possible. In a perfect world, experience is action that makes me excited, from this state of mind I write a post or make video. This way I could make content all day long. If I find my flow. Also my excitement is very tame. If you’ll spend time with me you might never notice it.

Ha. time is running out.

So what’s next? I intend to keep writing every day. I like it, and it’s a good practice. Some changes, though. Moving forward I’m not gonna pressure myself to publish at 9am. That way I can practice writing longer posts. Just writing and publishing doesn’t work in these days. It’s nothing new, and I knew that already. Still worth a try. So, I’ll bite my tongue and do some light marketing to drive some traffic there. It’s fun to write for myself, but that won’t cut it. There is probably something more. My mind draws blank, so…bye.

Before I go, you can start probing my mind from this post. Now a serious bye. Bye.

A penny for your thoughts