45 days of writing

Mini update. For what? I don’t know.

Since I don’t write in secret anymore I can do mini updates. For history.

Good news. I’m still writing, while trying a fancy experiment of evening scribbling. Still not a fan, but there is less resistance. My guess would be that writing time can be trained too.

Bad news. I know nothing about blogging. Ok, I know stuff about blogging. What I don’t know is business part about blogging. That’s something I’ve been trying to understand for a while now. Only now I’ve been finding information that is actually useful. Let me tell you. Learning business stuff from the ground up is harsh. It’s a very big maze. And it makes me very excited.

That said, blogging itself is not a business. Blog is a simple medium. Business is everything behind the blog. Almost every single blogger who is writing about building a successful blog is somehow missing this tiny detail. Unless it’s included in their “super cool courses.”

When I created this blog, I had no plans for building a business. Maybe a little bit. Somewhere in the back of my mind. Once I went through affiliate marketing training. Obviously, I failed. Does that count as my first attempt at business stuff? I could count it. You know, yes, that was my first attempt to build an online business. That was pretty recent too. Five or six years ago. Still a pretty big gap. I’m pretty sure they skipped the business part too.

What I’m learning know is freaking important. I can’t believe they are skipping it. Or they just assume that people already know that. If people with employee mindset would know that, they wouldn’t be employees. Crazy.

After I published first six posts I released bottled energy. You know, I actually had a choice to upload it somewhere else. Medium for example. I could, but it didn’t felt right. Once again heart knew better then brain. What happens when energy is released? There is space for new energy. Big ideas. Enormous ideas. Cosmic level ideas I was so confident about. All of them a simple practice run. A learning experience I wouldn’t get otherwise. To do a 30-day writing challenge was the best idea ever for this blog. In a way it was a subconscious needle point focus. And it’s still going on. This simple action of expressing my thoughts daily is pulling in new energies. Business thinking, for example.

I’m trying to figure out if writing like this is the same as journaling. I’ve tried journaling. It felt different, and didn’t worked for me. What worked was automatic writing. Haven’t done that in a while. When energies inside are as hurricane it’s a great release. Journaling. I don’t know, maybe I’ll need to try it again sometime. Maybe I’ll do a serious deep dive for glorious content. Hashtag evil laugh. Journaling is writing for yourself, right? I don’t know actually. Writing in a blog like this, main purpose is to write for others. To provide value.

This is where my mind spirals out of control. When I did that affiliate marketing stuff, it was all about niches. It still is. I actually know why I failed. Products I tried to recommend I didn’t tried myself. Content I wrote was stitched together from other people posts. This is why until now I’ve been so bad at blogging, or anything else in the context of giving value.

From my perspective, I can’t recommend products I haven’t tried myself. At that time I felt like a liar writing reviews for random stuff. I also can’t share knowledge I haven’t filtered through myself. Be it through intensive thinking or doing. Thus, I’ve been always struggling with giving value in this way. Plus it didn’t helped that what I knew, I learned from other people on the internet. What’s the point of sharing it. It’s easier to point you in the direction I found it. Bad mindset. Bad.

Serious question, though. When you read posts, how do they feel? Like a personal diary or something else? Am I giving you a value of some kind? From my side I think all I’m giving is entertainment. Which is not bad in itself.

Writing everyday is the ultimate training to write for others. I suppose that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. In addition to other stuff I’m learning from writing.

Back to business. Previously I had no real plan to walk this path. Now I have mini plan. That’s where most of my thinking goes in these days. Trying to figure out what write everyday is a little bit disrupting. No, I’m not stopping. Jeez, don’t freak out. It will take a while to calibrate my writing where intention to help is obvious in my posts. What I’m gonna do is Combine.

That’s right. It’s morphin’ time. Power Rangers, sigh. I’ll be busy figuring out how to do business stuff. I have a grasp of basics, but there is so damn much. Puzzle pieces are slowly coming together. As one smart dude named GaryVee said, “don’t create, document.” I’ll organize my thoughts in posts. For myself, and maybe for someone else. Most likely many future posts will be me trying to figure out how to become a business dude.

The core of this website is personal growth. There is no specific niche. Well, personal development. Probably. I tried so hard not to make a personal development website, but here we are. Sigh.

A penny for your thoughts