8 days with Ho’oponopono

I guess it works.

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing system. There is an old process and updated process. With the old process you work through the other person. In the updated process you work through yourself.

One of the keys is to be 100% responsible for what everyone in your life says or does. You and I are 100% responsible for creating the physical universe the way it is. This universe is our life.

It is a doozy concept I learned from Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits.

When you work through yourself you clean the part of you that you share with the other person. Actually it could be a room or a single item too. Remember, you are responsible for Everything.

In Ho’oponopono it’s all about cleaning. If someone is suffering, then this person has a program that makes him suffer. There is no control over this program. You as a healer, feel this program within you, and you clean it.

Joe says that there are a variety of ways to clean, but they are confidential. It is possible to learn them in a workshop that is taught by Dr. Hew Len. When I googled him, it was said that he is retired. Most likely there is a successor that continues to teach.

He revealed only one cleaning method. Clean, clean, clean. It is quite simple. Only four statements.

You say them over and over, nonstop, addressing them to the Divine.

  • “I love you.”
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “Please forgive me.”
  • “Thank you.”

That’s it. I’ve been saying these statements for eight days now. I made them as this month’s challenge. I still have a long way to go. Why is this day special?

According to the internet Nr.8 is one of my lucky numbers. I’ve been “battling” with Paypal for the past few weeks to remove my receiving limit. Silly european laws. As I understand, and I want to believe them, they removed it today. I’m hesitant, because they didn’t send confirmation. Anyway.

Let’s believe them. The battle is over. This day is great.

I’ve been saying these statements in different variations every day. Most of the time it happens when I remember them. Tho, they are beginning to stay quite often. I think they are in the background.

One could argue that what was/is happening are coincidences. If I am creating my own reality, are there place for coincidences? You kinda need to squint your eyes, and scratch your head to figure out if this cleaning escalates events around me.

Good things are happening. Not only to me. Also to people I’m focused on? Since the month has only began I’ll need to keep an eye on what is happening around.

As of now I’ll say Ho’oponopono does work. I read the book. I understand the concept intellectually. To really get the feel of this I will need to do it for much longer.

Might write another at the end of the month.