About Raijori

Artie aka Raijori is a writer and dreamer lost in his own head.

Just kidding. I'm not doing third person narration. It is more professional, but it's so weird. Writer and Dreamer part is true. I should add Thinker too. That means I think too much.

I've diagnosed myself as an introvert. Thus, my go to thought expression mode is writing. And it's still a struggle. Sometimes.

The point is, I tried to be too smart for my own good with this place. No details needed. Just look at my post history. That's why I stripped it naked. Simple, basic stuff. A blog where I try my best to make sense of my thoughts. And maybe help one person who is lost in the same ever-shifting path of life.

My social media is a mess. One day all will come together, but not today. You can stalk me if you wish:

This single quote embodies everything this blog and life is.

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.” Bruce Lee

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