Accepting the fate

What if your actions are predetermined by fate?

You think you are changing something, but in reality it was supposed to happen. If you are picking your nose, sneezing, freezing, you are simply acting as written in the Book of You.

Someone is reading your story just like we are reading books. It is a well crafted story. Sleep is boring so it is skipped over. That’s why sleeping time goes by so fast.

And he continued to write this blog post.

You’ve been watched by the pair of eyes. Your actions are read out loud by strange alien sounds. We think we are living in a normal world. Well, we don’t know if this world is normal. Maybe it is an anomaly. With creatures as weird as us.

It almost feels like a hopeless scenario. Imagine if someone skips to the end of the book. “And then he died.” Have you ever wondered about these premature deaths? Why they happen?

Some, bored out of his second mind alien, decided to skip the whole story. BOOM. The story gets messed up and person dies on the spot.

What else can you do but accept this.

I just scratched my head. Did I do this voluntarily? Of course not. It was supposed to happen. Can you accept this mindset, that whatever you do is already planned by something/someone?

Another theory. What if, as we were born, someone uploaded our whole lives in our minds? So we are acting accordingly. We just think that this is a low tech world. When in reality someone is creating and testing different paths of its own life. When the most optimal path will be found, it will upload it to its own mind. Or even better. This genius is creating different lives to sell them.

Or maybe it is not a genius, but a street urchin with a “low” tech doing this.

A written program that writes billions of stories in a blink of an eye. This is our fate.

Think about it.