Alone in the woods

Are you really alone?

Look around you. Hear what happens around you. There are trees that are greeting the Sun. There is wind catching leaves. Birds singing songs or simply chattering. How can you say that you are alone?

If you ever feel alone and you have no one to reach out to. Go out in the nature. Talk with the trees. Talk with animals and birds. With insects that will find your legs. Listen what they have to say.

Laugh with them. Cry with them. Be angry with them (not at them). Don’t ever think you are alone. You are not.

Humans are not always the best companions. Even among the crowd one can feel alone. From my experience it doesn’t happen in the nature.

When you are surrounded by trees and birds, and insects it is hard to feel alone. I’m not mentioning wild animals, because they always run away. I have met wild pigs in weirdest places. Insects are more curious.

You are not alone. If you need a hug, hug a tree. I’m serious. Fist bump a tree. Dance around it if you wish. Sit down and speak with it.

Can nature substitute human interaction. Most likely not (at least not fully), however it is a great second option. Hmm…maybe third. Can’t forget cats and dogs. If you have a cat or a dog hug them, talk to them. Most of the time they know what’s up (doc) before you know it yourself.

No matter how lonely you feel, remember that you are never alone.