Answer to an ending

Keep going my friend.

Though the question is, what kind of ending are we talking about? The ending of endings. Something less drastic?

Through our lives we meet different kinds of endings. An ending of a movie. An ending of our favorite meal. When we reach our desired goals we find an ending also.

Every journey we start will come to an end. We have an option to delay it. Sometimes we are lucky enough to speed it up. Either way the ending will come. What do we do next?

An ending gives us a closure. Closure satisfies our need to reach our desire. I find that feeling often with foods. If there is something I’d like to taste, that thought just sticks and doesn’t go away. When I satisfy this “Want’, it releases itself.

After it is gone it leaves an empty space. This is the space where pondering happens. Was this ‘Want’ what I wanted? Was it worth it? Did it made me happier?

The best option would be to simply move forward. And yet these questions appear on their own. It is like an audit of an unnecessary experience. ‘Unnecessary’, because it was a ‘Want’ that brings nothing new. A repeated experience. Something like already eaten food. I already know the experience, yet there is this nudge to eat it again.

It is important to understand and separate your ‘Need’ and ‘Want’. Your ‘Need’ is what you really need right now. A water, food, hug, clothes, a phone, shelter.

Your ‘Want’ is what you would like to have, but you don’t necessarily need. Clothes, new toys, a car, a trip, a piece of new technology. Difficult to keep in check while walking through a store with discounts.

The ending for both is satisfaction. You got what you desired to have. What comes next? You use it, you play with it until the ‘Thing’ becomes a part of your everyday life. You stop noticing it. And then you desire something else.

An answer to an ending is to keep moving forward. Endings are a thing of a past. Once they are out of the present moment they cease to exist. You are not trapped by them. You are always free to look forward.