Are we self-made?

Sure. If we believe that we are the Universe. We are everything and everyone. Constantly involved in births and deaths.

There isn’t a single corner in the Universe that isn’t made by Us. Well, Me, because You are Me, and I am You. Your parents are You, so You gave birth to Yourself. The ultimate game of hide and seek.

But let’s forget that for a second. Or two.

Our successes. Can we claim that they are self-made? We did the hard work. Sacrificed young virgins and lambs to reach the peak of our lives. However without young virgins and lambs there wouldn’t be a success.

We are constantly absorbing the life around us. We are learning. We are influenced by other people thoughts and actions. We don’t live in the void.

Can we really say that we are self-made?

Let’s say you are a self-made millionaire. Are you really? You learned from others to develop the mindset of a millionaire. Your mentors and teachers pushed you forward to break your limits. You spent fortune to become who you are now.

At the same time fortune was spent by your prospects and clients. Without them you wouldn’t have this million.

Why are popular authors popular? Because there are people who are eager to read what they write. More people read your books, more popular you will get. No readers, no popularity.

Your success is built on the shoulders of other people. In these days with internet we have no idea who is benefiting from our work (behind the statistics).

Every day thousands of people are putting out their creations out in the world. Some become more successful than others. That doesn’t happen in the void. Everyone is influencing each other.

I used to say that I got through tough periods of my life by myself. I did not. My learning came from books and videos I found on the internet. Sure, without the work I put in I wouldn’t have developed different mindsets and skills to move forward. But it all came from the minds of other people. I used their knowledge as stepping stones to reach places I wanted to reach. I am eternally grateful to them.

Everyone, be it a person, animal, or tree, contributes to our life in some way. You are influencing people you meet. Heck, you are influencing people you don’t even see.

We are connected in more ways than you can imagine.