Are your thoughts your own?

Title should be enough to keep you busy for a few seconds. Ok. Bye.

Where do our thoughts come from? A never ending mystery. I am not completely sure, but I think we have no idea where our thoughts come from.

How do we form them? From external influences? From deep within? We have opinions, thoughts, and ideas. We have beliefs, which we want to defend.

“I don’t like you.”

“That’s, well, your opinion, man.”

Why you don’t like someone? She doesn’t meet your expectations? He doesn’t surf on the same wave as you? Where do your preferences come from?

It all starts with family. The culture you grow up in. People you meet along the way. Nowadays it is also internet that feeds you with whatever you desire.

What are you reading now is not your thoughts nor ideas. You are reading my thoughts, filtered through my brain.

To find your own thoughts you must think by yourself. Do you like what I write? Why? Does my writing disgust you? Why?

Whatever you read, translate it in your own words. Create your own thoughts from the material you read or hear. Don’t settle on thoughts and ideas which are created from different mental processes.

Wherever our thoughts come from, once they enter our mind, they are ours. Become familiar with them. Tame them if necessary. Use them to create new ideas.

Connect your new thoughts with older thoughts in search for future thoughts. Make them work for you.