Be a fool

King’s fool is an entertainer. It is a real profession. Ok, maybe it was a real profession. Nevertheless it was a thing.

Obviously I can’t get in their heads. However, I would guess that they were as brave as knights. It takes a certain amount of bravery to be a fool in other people eyes.

Not everyone is capable of doing that. We tend to think way too highly about ourselves. So we care what others think about us.

Our image, the way we present ourselves, is so important that it must be perfect. One little slip and everything is ruined. Especially in these internet days where one word can burn your world to the ground.

This is where the interesting part is. You are so focused on what other people will think about you. You are so absorbed in yourself that you have no time to think about people.

Now multiply yourself by millions. Millions of you who doesn’t think about others. Do you see the irony? People think what others are thinking about them, yet no one is thinking about others, because they are busy thinking about themselves.

Our lives are busy. We have so much happening around us that one fool will be ignored. One foolish action, that takes a second or less will be ignored.

We have every right to act as fools. There are no limits. Consequences are debatable.

Wherever you start thinking, “what will others think about me?”, know that they will think nothing. Their minds are busy with their own challenges.

You are free to do whatever you desire. Don’t be a dick, though.