Blargh. That’s what she said.

The never-ending misunderstanding about the life. Distractions and misdirections of what we are. Life as the ultimate battle before we take the last breath.

Things that happen throughout the life guide us. Shapes us into whatever we become. As we grow we don’t notice in what kind of person we are morphing into.

Sometimes this revelation appears in front us. It is when our world breaks apart. We lose the identity of who we have become. Strangers in our own bodies.

Sometimes we just live. Accepting the path we are thrust on. Choices doesn’t matter. There is one goal. To survive. What is the point of surviving a miserable life? I want to survive, because… What follows after the ‘because’?

Sometimes we steer ourselves in a direction we falsely believe is true. We don’t know it is a wrong direction. We are in the process of discovering it. Those who see it from a mile away, good on them. Others will see it only at the destination.

False doesn’t mean it is wrong. Failure is a human invention. Outcome is not what we expected. We need a word for it. Failure. Good thinking. Your suggestion is accepted.

You failed or you learned something new? Which sounds better?

Would you agree that life is a big failure, because we die at the end?

Blargh, indeed.