Brain cream

Let’s use analogy. When fresh milk stays for a while a cream thingy will raise to the top. That’s how you know that the milk is real. I have seen it. It does exist. My non-vegan part remembers it being delicious too.

Brain cream is similar. When you wake up, there are thoughts that can and will rise up during the night. These could be thoughts from your subconsciousness, or from your dreams. Maybe you asked a question before falling asleep and this could be an answer.

Let’s say that Brain cream is the first thoughts upon waking up.

And you want to scoop them away. You want to gain access to the delicious thoughts below.

You scoop them away by writing them out. As you wake up pick your scoop-away gadget of your choice. It could be a laptop or good, old pen and paper. Write for five minutes. You can extend it if the Brain cream is thick.

If you are still half asleep it is even better. Allow your subconscious mind to take over. It might surprise you.

I’ve been doing it for a few days now. In a way it is a journaling technique. Well, most likely it is. There are thousands of them and nothing is new. Anyway.

I made a document. Named it Brain cream. Been writing in there. I’m not even putting dates in there. To separate days I write “The next day” in different variations.

It kind of works. These first thoughts might not be pleasant, or they could be a leftovers of deeper thinking mode. They could be annoying or whiny. However, once they are written out, mind becomes clearer.

Try it. Scoop away your first thoughts of the morning. No one has to see them. If you wish you can even delete them as soon as you write them out. Write them raw. As raw as they come.

Scoop away your Brain cream.