BrainMush Sunday nr.18

Oh boy. One missed because of travel confusion. Another missed because my nice neighbours kicked me out of their Wifi without any explanation and communication.

This one won’t be missed just because I’m in a Hermit Mode. Which means I’m actually offline now. No internet and no communication with the world outside or online.

Today is a last day of four. I have no idea how I am feeling currently, since I’m combining it with a four day fast too. It shouldn’t be that bad.

This four day Hermit Mode was long in coming. Not to mention this is partly a test. For some while I had a feeling of having few days where I do nothing. Just chilling with my thoughts.

I don’t know. It might be an overwhelm of the surrounding world that prompted this feeling. The goal of this four day Hermit Mode is to observe my thoughts. Possibly organize them. If that is even possible. Also to see where they can take me. Maybe even gain deeper understanding of myself. Can I do that just by chilling? No idea.

Organizing my thoughts would essentially mean to see where I am now, and what should I do in the future. What to keep, what to toss away. Stuff like that.

I kinda imagined these four days with lots of lounging, meditation, and writing. No idea how it will turn out in reality. Today is the last day, so tomorrow I might write a post about this experience. Or maybe I will write posts with my hand. That is not a bad idea to keep in my mind.

The best option would be to do this in the middle of nowhere. Pretty much to get rid of human made sounds. But since I’m still completely alone it will work anyway. It should work.

Human sounds remind me of my neighbour lady below. Walls are paper thin here. I really don’t like how she talks with her cat. I vaguely remember the same behaviour three years ago. Poor cat. I feel sorry for him.

Paper walls are a reason why I try to be invisible and silent here. Can’t do big parties. Oh, gosh. I just remembered the neighbour above. Three years ago it was a different one. I could hear her sexy times very clearly. Damn woman couldn’t buy a bed that doesn’t creak.

I, for one, don’t have a bed. Single bed mattress is my bed. It’s a personal choice. For some reason I find it more comfortable than a real bed. Bonus points for it, because it doesn’t make sounds. And it is easier to move around. If I need more space in the room. I got a pretty big bed before. It occupied half of the room. No need for that.

Ha. One reason might be because ancient Japanese slept on similar mattresses. I remember another one. Easy to roll out of the bed to do push ups.

Sleep quality doesn’t change if I sleep that way. That’s if you were wondering.

And on a sleepy note mic drops in a BrainMush.