BrainMush Sunday Nr.4

I wonder. Is book reading a procrastination in some way?

I found few new books to read, so I’m sucked into them. With that, other thinking and doing processes are pushed in the background.

Of course I could read them after I’ve done things. Or, you know, read in chunks (I’m trying to read them in one sitting). But no. My excuse is that these books can help me achieve my goals faster. Which can be true if I implement what I read.

I’m starting to understand those who give their best knowledge for free. 99% won’t act on them. I could tell you my best ideas and you won’t do nothing with them.

Isn’t it ridiculous to be afraid that someone will steal your 1 mill start-up idea? Or the plot of your novel. I’ve seen it way too many times.

“I’m afraid to post my world, because someone will steal it.”

“This and that is a secret. Can’t tell you what it is.”

Coca-cola’s original recipe is in the vault. Do we really know how original Coca-cola tasted? It is a secret. Did you know that in blind tests Pepsi always won?


In the morning. This was the last day of morning journaling. It is a little bit different then evening journaling. If in the evening I have a temptation to recap the day. In the morning I switch to dream recalling and somewhat philosophical thoughts. It is interesting, for morning journaling I have a feeling that it would be better to write with a hand. In the evenings I’m more then fine writing on laptop. Next week is combining both together. We’ll see how it goes.

What else I can brainmush about? Reading makes your eyes brainmushy. Will all this reading make me smarter. Only if I apply what I read. Otherwise it is useless.

There is something that doesn’t leave my mind. Do you know what we all have in common?


Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Terminator, Your neighbor, Seth Godin, You and me. We all have 24 hours in a day. All of us. How we use this time is important. We’ll never get it back.

You will die. I like to remind it to myself once in a while. It is a little wake up call. When you are so immersed in your life you tend to forget it. Suddenly you are eighty years old. “Where did all that time went?” You ask.

I have no idea if you can find something valuable when I freestyle rumble.

Wait. I’ll blow your mind with the true definition of an entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurs identify the problems, discover the opportunities and then build processes to allow other people and other things to do the work.”

It’s from The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. I totally recommend that book.

Now tell me, how many true entrepreneurs you know?

The length of stuff

Do you enjoy reading long texts? This is the age where our attention span is very short? I’m thinking about long posts. To read a long post it must be super engaging. Otherwise I see it as a waste of time. Long sales pages has the same problem. When I visit sales page, the first thing I want to know is the price. But of course it is at the very bottom.

Another thing is when the price is hidden. That is so annoying. Today I visited a site where I had to do gazillion clicks and scrolls to find the price. And this person wrote a testimonial in a freaking marketing book.

I’ve read that short copies are very hard to write. That is true. Kind of. I’ve been pulled to speed and efficiency since I was a kid. It is based on a fact that I always chose characters in games that were fast. I’m also enjoying the challenge to compress my thoughts in short texts.

All around I read that long posts with butt-load information is the King, Queen, Cornerstone, or whatever. Everyone has been doing it for more then a decade. Do we really need more of these posts? The ones I have lately read feel padded beyond the stars. You could remove half of it and the post would be still fine.

Long post era began when short random posts were the mainstream. That was fifteen years ago. At that time long informational posts were something unique. Today I find it boresome. There is time and place for long posts. Most of the time it is unnecessary.

Short, straight to the point posts are the best. Short is probably less then 1k words. Maybe that is why I’m not tempted to write 3k monsters.

If you think about. Maybe it is time to bring short posts back. Everything comes and goes in circles. Short posts that go straight to the point would be refreshing. They shouldn’t be random posts, though. But this post is random. Let’s ignore that.

Short posts that are packed with information. Yeah. Just look at Seth Godin’s blog. He is slaying the short post game.

Alright. It is enough nonsense for today.

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