BrainMush Sunday Nr.5

I noticed I’m missing BrainMush Sunday Nr.1. Which one was the first one? And why it isn’t called BrainMush Sunday Nr.1?

Welcome to the Sunday nonsense!

Why is it that I understand brain stuff if I read directly from neuroscience’s point of view? I have read the same stuff from Tony Robbins’s stuff, and couple memory books, also read similar stuff from philosophical point of view. But when I read how exactly it works. How neurons connect and socialize. Create and strengthen bridges. It just clicks. Click. Just like that.

Suddenly many things make sense.

I have known that for a while that I like to dig as deep as I can to understand something. I remember how I, as a kid, took apart a remote controlled car to see how it worked. It is fun to break things apart and put them back together.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy taking my own mind apart to see what works and what doesn’t. Experimentation is awesome. I like that underlying stuff. The core of things.

But I’m selfish and I do it only for myself. I’m changing though. Slowly and steady.

Different people have different thoughts. Conflicting. Understandable. Some say selfishness is bad. Some say it is good. What do you think?

I say selfishness is good. If you are not selfish how can you help others? Being selfless is exhausting. You only give, give, and give. It is mentally exhausting. Especially if you give your time and energy to people who don’t appreciate it. I hope you are not one these people who push their help onto others without a need. These people are nasty. Annoying at best. They “give” and then complain.

When you give, you give without a reward in mind. Otherwise it is not a giving. It is similar to those freebies and newsletters.

This is a FREE Freebie. Give us your email. No. It is not a free freebie. You pay for this freebie with an email and with trust. Where is the Free in this scenario? Trust is very expensive.

Trust me GrooveyD will be awesome. Next Wednesday. Wink. Wink.

How off road can we go? I had (might still have some left) a little fear of going down the hill with skateboard. I liked doing it. The fear wasn’t from the skating itself. It was fear from falling. Breaking something. Fear from pain. Because you need to work on that stability, boy.

Yet it is a fascinating sport. And so is snowboarding and surfing. Haven’t tried them yet.

Another thing I’m a tidbit afraid is jumping with bmx over these things you make from sand. Totally drawing blank on the english name. I did it once. Almost broke my neck. That is a fear of losing control. When you are in the air there is no control. Probably there is, but I didn’t felt that. It is scary to be out of control. This has repeated itself many times throughout the years.

“Oh god. What kind of memories and knowledge I have opened. Close the gate.”

“We can’t, sire. The flood. It is too strong.”

“Get lost. I’ll do it myself.”

So yeah. Cold showers are great.

It is interesting how tomatoes grow. It goes from green stalk to green tomato. Then suddenly in few days tomato becomes red. It creates such a contrast to the green color. It is meant to attract tomato eaters. In combination with the tomato aroma, it is an effective strategy. When tomato is eaten the tomato eater poops the seeds out. It is time for new tomatoes.

If you think about it, it’s genius. Tomato flesh creates the poop. Poop pushes out seeds. Seeds are already fertilized. All they need is rain. Maybe some stomping in the ground.

It’s not just tomatoes. It is in everything. Nature is genius. When you study ecosystems, you’ll see how it’s connected. And we are part of it. We are into this ecosystem. Not out of it. We are animals. We eat and poop. We evolved in this ecosystem and we are part of it. It is so easy to forget. Technology, clothes, toilets. Yet we eat tomatoes and poop seeds out. That is our “job”. To eat good smelling fruits. Walk a bit. Poop seeds out for the next batch of fruits. But of course we made a complex mess out of our lives. Hurray.

Pigeon says I must stop this nonsense. He doesn’t stop. Damn. Ok. Fine.

Mic drop.