BrainMush Sunday Nr.7

Yup. Today Brain is Mushy.

I have a guess why it might be like that. In the morning I pushed out a big energy dump. Accumulated energy of unnecessary …. stuff. And since I released it, there is an empty space that must be filled. Recharged? Thus it’s a slow day.

How about carousels? Do you like them or are they creepy?

I, personally, don’t mind them. If I think that they are creepy they will be creepy. If not then not. Horror movies are often using carousels for extra creepiness. It’s fun. Do you like horror movies?

I have no idea how long this will be. I predict that my thoughts will be all over the place.

Well, my thoughts are already all over the place. Nevermind then.

You will be glad to know that I am returning to writing. Yes, I’ve been writing for a while now. I know. I’ve decided to sharpen and upgrade my writing skills. That includes copywriting and fiction writing. In a sense I intend to blend them together. I wonder what kind of soup it will make.

Why am I announcing it this way? Because I’m putting design and illustration stuff on the shelf. Except basics. I still gonna practice them. Of course I intend to return to it. At a later time.

I have no idea how many plans I have made this year. It’s kinda one plan with many, many changes. Presently it is time for a new plan again. I’m kinda making it from the scratch. Why? I have new knowledge and direction.

And none of the previous plans worked anyway. Hold your pants. That’s a lie. Poem plan worked. In a strange way it worked better then expected. And GrooveyD’s plan is actually working too.

Actually GrooveyD is one of the reasons why this new plan is cooking. You could say it is an extension of GrooveyD’s plan.

Why do I have a feeling that I have already written something like this. Deja Vu or I’m being a sleepwalking Unicorn?

In any case … What do you know about chatbots? They are kinda new, but not so new. There are many platforms to make them on. But as always I want to make it myself. I haven’t found a useful information about it yet. And with ‘make it myself’ I mean make it from scratch with coding.

Now I have two things I want to code. Actually there are three. My own journaling/note taking app, chatbot, and website. Why do I want to go the hard way? Because it’s fun and nice learning experience.

This new plan also includes Incremental Upgrades. It’s a daily thing. I’ll write a post at some point. I think I cracked the code to understanding stuff. You read something. Filter through yourself. Interpret in your own way. Put your own labels on. Voila. It’s yours now. The same concept or idea that’s been used for thousands of years is fresh once again.

Ok. I think I’m done. BrainMush is definitely BrainMushy.