BrainMush Sunday Nr.8

An early one. Ok not so early. It 7:55am as I’m starting to type.

I kinda slept in. Got up at 5:47am. Didn’t hear a tower bell. It starts at 5am and goes to 10pm (I think). That made me realize I’m depended on external sources to wake up.

I’m a natural early riser. I don’t use alarm. In my head I’m awesome because I let my body to determine when to wake up. It’s not the case, isn’t it?

Also waking up and getting up are different things. I often wake up before 5am. Then I wait for a bell to ring. Lately I’m waiting for a second bell, which is 15 min later. For no reason at all. Only then I get up.

At least I’ve trained myself to get up without whining. When I decide to get out of the bed, I do it. There is still a delay between waking up and getting up, though.

So the question is, why is there a delay? Let’s think about it. For some reason it feels weird to get up so early. These are breadcrumbs from old habits. I used to sleep until 9 and 10. Sometimes until midday. Most of it was a forced sleeping.

Ha. I remember sleeping at friends house. Woke up pretty early, but kept pretending that I’m still sleeping. He later made a remark that I was sleeping quite long. I said nothing.

I said I’m a natural early riser. Might need to take these words back. Hmm … maybe not. I remember using alarm to rise early. Job and stuff. Wasn’t fun of it. I didn’t liked that job much, thus didn’t liked alarm. Day and night shifts totally scrambled my sleeping pattern. Then I tried polyphasic sleeping. That was fun. I should try it again sometime. I enjoyed it. Not so easy to maintain when the rest of the world sleeps “normally”.

Sleep experiments scrambled my patterns even more. Late sleeping I probably picked up from my mum. It’s her natural rhythm.

At some point late-sleeping felt weird, so I finally settled with early rising. Which I feel is my natural rhythm. I can’t imagine waking up late. Even waking up at 8am feels weird. It’s like I’ve missed half of the day.

It’s so fun to wake up at 4am to go for a bike ride. I did it for the whole summer last year.

5am feels like a nice middle ground. Though, body easily wakes up around 4am. Granted I go to sleep around 10pm. It just felt into that rhythm.

Also there is that inner feeling to wake up with the Sun. It probably works well around equator. Our natural home. It doesn’t work so well in Europe. That’s why I like summers. Sun comes to play pretty early.

Yeah. That’s it. I like to go to sleep with the Sun, and wake up with the Sun. I have reverted to my primal sleeping pattern. Me cool.

See? This is the joy of writing whatever comes into your mind. I had no idea I’ll write about sleeping stuff. Yet I did.

I had a nasty misconception, that is still lingering around. I assumed that if I can’t remember much I’m pretty dumb. With ‘remember’ I mean holding information in conscious mind. This is why current education sucks. It teaches useless things. Boring stuff that has no use in real life.

It took me years (after my official education) to find the answer that conscious mind doesn’t hold information for long. It’s all in the subconscious mind.

For what it’s worth, conscious mind can stay empty. To capture information that is later stored in subconscious mind.

It’s all in the feels. The posts I write, for example. I don’t prepare for them. They just come out. The same happens with other information. It comes out when needed.

And I need to work on conscious recalling. Sigh.

Anyway. If your head is empty, don’t fret. Information is within you. All you need to do is to learn how to organize and recall it.

And it took me an hour to write this all. It wasn’t in my mind to keep time, but since I’m here … It’s finished.