Bricks in windows

What’s up with Sundays and empty heads? Let’s roll with nonsense.

Do you find hard to accept people who are different? Those who are way out of your communication circle.

We judge people before we know them. We make presumptions knowing nothing. We frown and laugh, and point fingers. We whisper behind the back. We see only what we want to see. We hear what we want to hear. Is it really hard to stop for a minute and think?

Why he wears clothes like that? Why is she talking so funny? Why is she so silent? Why is he angry all the time? Why is he in this situation? Why did she steal?

All we need to do is to shut up and think.

Can you say that you are different from the rest? Yes, yes, we are all unique. We are all different. The question is, are you comfortable with being different? Can you handle not belonging to a specific cookie-cutter group? Or you always try to fit in no matter what?

What do you do when you finally come to a conclusion that you belong nowhere? You have tried to fit in. You have tried to walk in different shoes. You failed. Can you stomach the feeling how lost you are? What can you do in this world where you do not belong?

Live. Screw what others say. Let them laugh. Let them point fingers. They are the sad ones. The cookie-cutter people made to live their bland lives. They know you will grow up unique. So they try to stomp you down before you can blossom. For them it’s a game. An unconscious fear.

It’s you who will live a colorful life. Not them. Don’t let them push you in the darkness. Stay in the light. Have fun, smiles, and marshmallow bunnies. No one has control over your life. You are 100% free to do whatever you desire. Being different is a bonus. A golden ticket to a ride of the lifetime.

It’s fun to be different. It’s amazing to be free to be yourself. It’s great to experience the world like no one else. Embrace the weirdness and go conquer the world.

A penny for your thoughts