Bringing some structure in life

Freedom is fun. Freedom is what people desire. There is a fun fact. You are already free to do whatever you want. This freedom you seek is yours to take.

What will you do with it?

Since freedom is already yours, what is left? A structure, a substance, some direction and rules. Complete opposite of freedom. Have you heard about freedom within limitations? It is a real thing. Boundaries create more freedom.

The world has everything we want and much more. It is overwhelming. Not knowing what to choose or what to do will only create trouble. In the name of analysis paralysis. It will get you especially when you want to do everything.

This is why experimenting is good. Despite wanting to do everything, you’ll find that you don’t like everything. Through experimentation you are weeding out your dislikes. These are sort of natural boundaries.

However, freedom as it is is already littered with limitations and rules not made by ourselves. We are born within these limitations, and as it happens we are moulded by them also. Despite having freedom to do whatever we want, we live by these rules we are born in.

Obviously there are people who break them. Criminals, degenerates, rebels. Those who have decided to play against the established rules.

Rule breaking is fine as long as it is not harmful. Though, we could debate on this. People who are born where harming others is within rules would probably look at me with weird looks.

We can break rules where it makes sense. In art for example. There are rules. Some of them make sense. It is completely fine to break them.

In life you want to create your own rules. First step is to acknowledge that the rules you were born in doesn’t work for you. Second step is to reject these rules and go on a self-discovery rampage. Third step is to find out that freedom is overwhelming. Fourth step is to create your own rules and boundaries. Fifth step is to live by these rules.

One thing I should mention. These are your rules. They don’t have to be rigid. Your rules can and will change. Another thing. You are creating rules that play well with already established rules. It is like a limitation within limitation that gives infinite freedom.

It also require your rules to be flexible. People are different, and so are cultures. Respect rules and boundaries that are centuries old.

As you create your own rules, you are inevitably creating a structure in your life. It is completely fine to look how other people structure their lives. Some parts will resonate with you, some will not.

In the end of the day (or a decade) you will need to look within yourself. How you want to structure your life? What works for you?

Freedom can be scary, because you don’t know what to do with it. Thus, a little structure can save your sanity.