Broken milk

What can I say? It felt appropriate.

We are one of the few who actually care about our animal friends. When they came for meat, we fought with everything we got.

Now we are armed to teeth. Earlier it wasn’t a case. However, over the time, our capability to defend increased. Not only in terms of equipment, but also in our skill.

Our group actually had to create a separate division for soldiers.

I’m serious when I say that we can fight a small army. It happened twice. And we weren’t so heavily armed. What’s our secret?

Our determination. And obviously milk.

It is the most important ingredient of life. And we have the biggest supply of it. We control the production of milk and meat. We are simply the best.

I know, I know. It sounds like we are dealing drugs. But this is so much better. And we couldn’t be prouder of what we are doing. We are lords of the milk.

This apocalypse was a blessing for us.

We have a roadmap. We have goals. With our ambition we will succeed. Our place is a safe haven. But of course we are not fools.

Not everyone is welcomed, because we learn from our mistakes. But if you pass our carefully designed tests, you will be welcomed as one of us. If you survive of course.

Are you up for it?