Can you be in control while following your heart?

Yes. Kind of. If you follow your mind, you are perceiving the world through logic. It’s a more grounded way to look at the world. While following your heart it’s more airy, more impulsive path. Everyone is using both, but not in the same amount.

Mind through logic is always comparing the information it receives. It doesn’t like being out of control. Tests and preparation. Patterns and rules. Mind lives for that. Thinking and overthinking. There is no end to that.

Heart on the other hand is like a carefree child. There are no rules. It’s all about feeling. You want ice cream? Eat it without thinking. You want to go skydiving? No problem. Where do I sign up? You want to kiss that girl? Sure. I’ll just go and….Hold on.

This current world is built on logic. And that’s why we can’t go around kissing everyone we want. Such a sad life. There are people who thrive in a world like this. They like to follow rules and logic. It makes them feel in control and powerful. Children of the heart, on the other hand, are required to grow up. They feel miserable not knowing why. If you are beaten in submission, you are not in control at all. And if you get out of the established system it’s like a minefield. One must be careful not to trigger something. Otherwise it goes Boom.

To get the most out of this world, logic and feeling must be in balance. Clearly, you must know how you want to live. Many die not knowing it. Some lucky ones find it early in their lives. Others feel it deep within their hearts, and it takes time to translate it to the mind. It’s a crazy world out there.

I can’t explain how much I’d like to live in the world without money and ridiculous rules. Sorry. I had to say that. Moving on.

As a person who would follow his heart non-stop, I can’t stop seeing this world like a big fishnet. To be able to follow your heart, you must first dance through the rules. And if these rules catch you, it’s tricky to keep moving.

“Don’t think, feel,” Lee said to the young student.

There is probably a reason why I keep returning to the concept of Freedom within limitations. These are limitations created by yourself for yourself. And it’s a knowledge of the limitations of the game. If you know the limitations, you are free to explore the hidden world within these limitations. The easiest example would be vegan diet. By choosing it, you are limiting 99% of other foods. Remaining 1% is a tiny 100% world on its own. It’s a limitation with its own freedom. It’s also a safe place to follow your heart. You are in complete control in this tiny vegan world. No idea if that makes sense to you.

There are many worlds of this kind. Most of the time we are creating them separately. But if you smash them together, you now have a world that is unique only to you. It’s a strange balance to live in your own world while playing by the rules of the “big” world.

A penny for your thoughts