Can you learn to be someone else?

Not as an actor. Becoming someone else in real life. I think it is possible. Not just a change from personal experiences, but a deliberate change.

A fully self-aware change, a morphing, into someone else.

It takes butt-load of knowledge. Ha, knowledge. What I know? Most likely you’ll need a willpower too. We also can’t forget time.

However Sadhguru changed himself multiple times instantly. It probably happened because he had a knowledge that the change can happen instantly. Poof. Just like that.

Not sure how drastic his change was, though. Also the speed and level of change depends on your beliefs too. Our beliefs are a big thing in our lives. They basically guide how you live.

But to be someone else completely? A completely different persona. In these days it can be done in myriad ways. Wanna change your mind? Check. Wanna change your appearance? Check. Has anyone done both? Probably. Such a silly question. Everything has been done before, we are recycling done things over and over again.

You must want to become someone else so bad, that you have no choices left. Then you reach the magical tipping point of no return. What’s your threshold of the tipping point? Mine is pretty high and damn flexible.

To learn you must unlearn. Your cup must be empty. If your cup is full, you are not ready yet. Then comes knowing of what you want to become. And then you can go into a transition. Of course, you need willpower to go through it.

Will the other end be different? Who knows? It sure will be different.