Chaos before order

This is something my mind keeps returning to.

‘Order’ can be anything. Finished project, organized thoughts, the grand finale of synthesised evolution of the bio-machinery in the 8th dimension.

Chaos is everything that comes before.

In a nutshell order emerges from the chaos. It makes sense since Universe was a hot mess before it cooled down to create an order of some sort.

I would guess this is why perfection is a flawed concept. Perfectionists try to create an order on the first try. Though, it might be the extreme end.

“Normal” perfectionists are obsessed with a creation of a flawless design. They could tinker with one thing forever.

Perfectionists of the extreme end want to skip the incremental process that is required for creation. Trial and error. Skill building. Pivoting if necessary.

Seeing the final product is easy. However, if one doesn’t have the skill, then looking down of what would be necessary to create the final product can create analysis paralysis.

Also known as ‘screw that, I’ll keep daydreaming.”

Looking backwards from the final product is like opening a folder with thousands of subfolders. Extreme end perfectionists don’t see the subfolders, or they deliberately ignore them.

Thus, once unfolded, these subfolders also show the passage of time. That is quite discouraging, assuming that extreme end perfectionist’s mindset is “I want it right now.”

Something to keep in mind is, either you do something or not time will still go forward.

If you choose to do something, chaos is the answer. Every video or article on techniques, right tools, and gazillion steps on how to… is in essence the order. Also they are aimed to lure you in buying that specific tool because it’s so cool and awesome, “click that affiliate link for my monies.”

Anyway, they are only useful if you are familiar with your internal chaos. That would be your limitations in thinking and doing. Under or overestimation of your knowledge. Misconceptions about yourself in relation with time.

You need to know where you need bring the order in. If you look at established orders as a solution without knowing where you need to apply it, it is highly possible that the structure will fall apart.

Order emerges from the chaos. Become familiar with the chaos within, and you will know where the order is needed.