Chasing rabbit on a surfboard

That is a weird headline. Rule Nr.1 of a good headline “It must be clear”, as in it must tell you what the post or long-form ad is about. This headline is more of a metaphor.

It looked cool in my head, and it looks cool in words. I might experiment with funky headlines further on. For fun. ‘Cause everyone is so gloomy this year.

The headline raises at least two questions. Are we chasing a rabbit with us on a surfboard? Or we are chasing a rabbit who is on a surfboard?

Both options are ridiculous. Maybe rabbit is a sticker on a surfboard. Or, you know, Rabbit is a nickname for someone who happens to be a surfer.

Bear with me. This post will go somewhere. Probably.

This post might be about skills and learning. I’m trying to structure a plan of some kind how to practice many micro skills at once. Without getting confused in body and mind. Yesterday just thinking about it got me confused.

I don’t judge

An idea that we need to focus on one thing (one niche) bores me to death. It’s strange. Dr. Strange. Nevermind. I’m not deleting stuff to make posts devoid of life. It’s more of a conversation. In conversation you can’t delete what you said. In a post, you can. Only if it makes sense and doesn’t make that post dry. Dry stuff is hard to chew. And my posts are not academic papers. Why am I trying to defend how I write my posts?

That is why I’m not even trying to search for guest post opportunities. I know they are good and useful. Look at my posts. They are special kind of breed. Guest posts must be polished, SEO optimized, packed with information (that is out there in thousands of different ways already). My posts are complete opposite. I’m ignoring SEO tricks. I’m going back to blog beginnings where short posts ruled the internet. I’m more freestyling than spending days or weeks to write a 5k-word-super-useful-polished-evergreen-that-will-drive-traffic-to-my-website post.

In other words to pull something useful out of my posts you’ll need work your brains a little bit more. What kind of strategy is this? Heck, if I would know. I just know that what others are doing doesn’t work for me. Totally went off topic (if there is one).


An idea that we need to focus on one thing (one niche) bores me to death. Focusing on multiple things is more fun. You just need to learn how to prioritize and manage what you learn. Multitasking is not a thing. It’s just a disrupted focusing. That is a hard way to learn.

To maximize your learning benefits you must practice focusing your attention to the one thing you are doing. I’m pulling this out from two mindfulness/neuroscience books, and a memory training book plus speed reading book too actually. I’m a weirdo who doesn’t understand the concept unless I read the same thing from multiple unconnected sources. It is not enough to know how it works on the surface. It is equally important to know what happens below the surface.

When your attention is focused on the thing you are doing you learn better, and retain information better. In a world where our attention span is a melting snow, longer attention is a useful skill.

It seems that hyper-focused attention bursts for short amount of time could be invaluable skill in the future. Faster learning. Less wasted time.

We value our time. Don’t we? It is a resource we can’t get back. Yet we waste it like no other resource. Speed and efficiency is what we strive for.

Learning skills takes time. Chasing skills-to-learn wastes time, and you won’t learn anything. Because you don’t spend enough time and attention, and practice to learn them. This is why people encourage you to focus and master one skill. “Jack of all trades, master of none” has a valid point.

Que oriental music

Da Vinci was Jack of all trades, master of all. How did he do it? Slept little, was less distracted, curious, took time to focus and learn. His skills and knowledge crossed each other.

The essence of Ninjutsu is to be well founded in many disciplines in order to be able to use any of them to your advantage at a moment’s notice (Da Vinci was a ninja, by the way). The spirit must be flexible, not fixed on any physical forms or attitude. That leads to another aspect of Ninjutsu “From unity towards multiplicity”. This same idea was written in the novel Musashi.

For Musashi the art of the sword was his unity. From this he could apply learned knowledge to flower cutting, working in a farm, painting, wood carving, you name it.

So why are we discouraged to expand our curiosity? Because we think in terms of sales and money. That’s how our world works in these days.

Mind bots

It’s almost that self-discovery and mindfulness is a distraction to our busy lives. Who is more crazier? Person who works his ass off for who knows what. Or a person who takes time to learn about herself and the world around.

Is it even natural for us to focus on one thing only?

I don’t know. Maybe there already are frameworks that help you to learn many things at once. And I’m just blind to them. Or information is scattered. Not collected.

World is evolving fast and we can’t keep up. Rabbit on a surfboard can multiply.