Chocolate fountain

Works only when it’s warm. And I am hot right now. Really, really hot.

I was told that electricity has been cut. Poof. Doesn’t work. We are in the midst of apocalypse for cocoa sake. Bunnycalypse. Heard it somewhere.

These were lies. Dirty, dirty lies.

Electricity. Is. Not. Cut. Everywhere. This place is a living proof. I’m so gonna be cooked here. I just came here to grab some chocolate.

It was easy to get in. Because electricity was off. I swear to black chocolate, it was off. I’ve been here before when electricity was on.

And it was off as I sneaked in.

Something went wrong. Someone turned the electricity on. I heard sounds. Got spooked. Do you know how hard it is to run with belly full of chocolate? Plus chocolate in your pockets and bags.

I run. Ok, walked very fast. Hid myself in a room. Didn’t look what kind of room. And then it happened. Buzzing sound. Hot air came in.

Electricity was on. It was on, and door was jammed. Like jammed, jammed. And the room became hotter and hotter. I became a chocolate fountain.

Screaming didn’t help. Nothing helped. Kicking. Shouting. I was at the end of my life. At least chocolate was with me. That made me happy.

I have only one request. If you find me, don’t take the chocolate from me. Please.