Cold feet: an update

Why? I have nothing else to write. That’s why.

In the past two days I’ve been into some semi-heavy books. Three different people. Three completely different books. At the core the same message. What do you say about that?

Cold feet has almost turned to cold body. Upper is torso is what I have left. I think I figured out why torso part is so sensitive. That is where all internal organs are. Cold water is a change in temperature. We are warm blooded creatures. Thus defense mechanisms kick in. Flinching for example. It took me few days to stop flinching when water was on my lower torso.

What I find fascinating is that some mornings I actually looked forward to the cold shower part. It already has become a habit. It is only half a month and I’m already contemplating if I should try full thirty days with cold showers. If my mind is prepared it should be easier.

Currently the overall feeling is that I’m painting my body with cold water. I’m serious. After I’m done it feels like an armor. It is a difference between hot and cold showers.

I’m not sure about benefits yet. For what it’s worth I’m treating this as a mind training. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Process hasn’t changed much. I’m still starting with one foot, up to calf, thigh, over pelvis, down to other leg, back up, both arms, and done. I’m spending a bit more time on shoulders to let the water trickle down the back and sides.

When I remember my previous attempts at cold shower, this one feels like a piece of cake. The feeling of cold water on the skin doesn’t change. For now it’s only mind that is changing.

It is all in the head.