Cold nose

Because that’s what I got today. Twice I thought it will fall down.

This might be a random(ish) post. Which would be better as a vlog. Maybe. Though a vlog is a blog where you are talking instead of writing. So it’s … same(ish)?

The thing with life is that it is meant to be lived. To figure out how to live this life is tricky. Sure, some are blessed to know it right away. Some never figure it out.

I think I wrote something like this already. Whatever.

Some ignore it. Even with the answer in front of their noses. Which one are you?

Life is a one trick pony. No matter what are your beliefs, you still get one shot at this current life. When you reincarnate it will be a different life. It reminds me something I read a while ago.

Reincarnation is not linear. You can reincarnate in the past too. And then back into the far future. Obviously, I have no idea if that is a truth or not. But I like the concept.

What if linearity is only an illusion? We have simply adopted it as the absolute truth. There are proofs in science and all that. However this truth is like an adamantium wall. Our belief of the linear time is so strong that it is our reality. Through the years and generations we have reinforced linearity as the absolute truth. Thus that is what we find and see wherever we look.

My cold nose was the after effect of the cold wind and a breathing exercise at the wrong time. Wrong time being outside in the cold wind. My belief was that it was cold. So it was cold. This belief is reinforced by media, by other people, and pretty much by everything. Thus, I with my mind and body strongly believed that it was cold.

Blood flow gets directed to the core. That is what creates cold hands and feet, by the way. The warmness goes to your inner organs and the heart. Science.

I could also change my mind into thinking that it is warm outside. In that case body would be warm no matter how cold it is. I can’t do it, because I haven’t practiced it much. There are heat meditations and such, so it is possible. Cold still overrides my mind. Not cool, but that is how my beliefs work.

On what terms you live your life? On yours or someone else’s?