Cosmic biscuits

I am not allowed to talk. But there is a thing.

Cosmic biscuits can save this world. No, I am not joking. Before all of this happened, I was kidnapped by cosmic beings.

They were not gods. Just a curious alien bakers. They did experiments on me. Mostly culinary kind and … oh my, I’m already blushing.

Anyway. At first I could not understand what they were giving me. I had a hunch that it was a biscuit of some kind. From the outer shape and structure.

But I couldn’t taste a thing. Imagine my disappointment. I love biscuits. And there I was sitting not being able to taste them.

However these aliens were smart. They understood. They put me under their weird equipment, and made changes to me.

I don’t know what they did. All I know it wasn’t painful, and after that I could taste their creation.

And let me tell you. Alien biscuits were heavenly.

They tasted like nothing else in our world. I’m serious when I say it. Nothing on our planet can match their biscuits. Of course, I am spoiled now.

Everything tastes bad here on earth. I just can’t enjoy food anymore. This is why I understand this apocalypse. Our food is not delicious. We have failed the cosmic bakery, and this is our judgement.

I’ve been trying to tell this to anyone I meet. No one is listening. I am crazy, they say. It is them who is crazy.

If we can contact these alien bakers we can save the world. It is simple as that.

Sometimes I think they don’t understand what I say.