Curated Newsletter

Yup. I’m still thinking about it. That’s how my mind works. When there is something new and exciting it will lock on. If it will be in the same mood at the end of the week, this will be a thing I’ll pursue.

Why am I excited about it? It solves my headache ‘what to do with my newsletter’. Sure, other options would be to build audience on Youtube, Instagram, Podcasts. Currently I’m doing none of these things, because reasons. What I have is a blog. Blogging is growing on me. Probably because it’s writing. I like to write. But it’s not enough.

Other things I want to do are quite far. How far? It depends on income and priorities. Ka-ching.

Curated newsletter, if I do it right, can fix few issues. I have a value for audience. A reason to build audience. Income (if done right). Interactions with audience. If I’m doing it, then it will be a weekly newsletter. Plus I’ll write my own blog posts.

Looking at curated newsletters, I recently subscribed, it doesn’t look super hard. It’s interesting that they choose almost the same topics to cover. I’ll need to dissect them to understand better.

Curators have certain power. Especially when they establish trust with audience. I’m starting to agree that in the future they’ll be a powerhouse. To have an editor who finds gems in the poop is useful. If all editors surf on the same wave, you just need to choose which voice you like the best. One of them has sponsored slots. If curator has big audience it’s quite a reach. Most likely it can cost quite a lot too. Income.

I couldn’t stop myself from putting my newsletter idea in a story. Prototype cyberpunk world. Curators are “awakened” free from misinformation overload. Cyber ninjas. Some work for corporations. Some roam free. Some are searching for new “awakened”. Thinking in this way gives ideas for newsletter themes, layout, and curator’s voice.

Problems start with a name. I wrote some guidelines, but I haven’t found the right one yet.

  • – Evergreen
  • – Easy usable without add-on ‘raijori’s’
  • – Easy transferable to podcast
  • – Must have a sense of growth
  • – Must have a sense of do what you want, do what you like
  • – Must have a rebel vibe
  • – Funny, fluffy vibe
  • – Easy to roll from tongue
  • – Cyberpunkish vibe

I have no interest in making up some alien word. Raijori is alien enough. Podcast idea is like an extension of the newsletter. As I began to build a world around it, I added comics too. Idea is to have “Raijori’s Unicorn Glitters.” Raijori is an add-on that is easily removable while title makes sense on it’s own. That’s in a case if someones decides to buy it. Yeah, I’m even thinking in this direction. By the way, ‘Unicorn Glitters’ is not the real name.

Thought about writing flash fiction in this world too. Easier to plug the newsletter in tweets. Hashtag evil laugh. Also to get you tweeps to subscribe, interesting idea is to have a weekly flash fiction at the end of the newsletter. You would send them in, and I would choose one to put in newsletter. That’s an idea only if it fits with the rest of the content. Which would be tailored by your feedback.

See? Curated newsletter is fun.

Latest names I have are Bangover (hangover from headbanging), Braindance (cyberpunk slang for digital recordings of person’s experiences), Honeydrip (it just sounds cool. I was playing around with Drip. Problem with this one is that there is a band with that name. Songs with that name. It’s already in high usage. Not sure if I should use it.) Lots of thinking ahead. I’m even looking at surfing slang. I would totally use BoingBoing if it wouldn’t be already established punk zine, sigh.

Something will click at some point.

A penny for your thoughts