Days long gone

Well, they are gone. Yesterday for example. It is gone. Whatever you did yesterday it is done. Of course you can repeat the same thing today, and the next day. However it is not what you did yesterday.

Even if you repeat the same actions every single day, they are different. Your thoughts and execution are different. It might be a slight change, but it is there. It could go in any direction. And the direction depends on your mood. Though, can you be sour and unhappy, and still do a good job?

When the day is gone, you can’t take it back. Time travel is not invented yet. It might be. In the future. Time travellers most likely are cautious not to mess with the time-space continuum. If they are out there.

Sometimes it would be nice to return to the previous day and do something differently. Is it really necessary? This need to return. To fix or change an event.

It already happened. It already created ripples in the Universe. Other events that come after it are influenced by it. Some of them already happened.

Surf with the space-time continuum ripples. See where they go.

Days that are gone are past. Who created this word ‘Past’? We did. Humans. Imagine if we wouldn’t have such word in our vocabulary. How then we would look at the past events? Would we even look at them? Would we relive them over and over again?

There is a thing. Even if you travel back in time it will be your Now. And it will be the same ‘Now’ for these past people. So can there be a real past? Or there is only an Eternal Now?

Think about it. Past doesn’t exist in the present moment. It is long gone. A memory. An illusion created by your mind. Not a real thing. Is it worth to delve in it? Is it worth to play these old events over and over again? When you are doing it, you are missing what happens in the present moment.

Escaping to the past is not a solution. Focus on the present moment. On things that happen around you.

And when they are gone, they are gone.

The Eternal Now. This is where we live in. Our lives happen right here at this moment.

Be present.