Days that matter

Are all days equal?

Days are divided in 24 hours. On average we sleep 8 hours. That leaves us with 16 hours of awake time. What do we do with this time? Where do we focus our energy?

Today someone has the best day ever. Someone else has reached the peak of the hell. How do we know whose day matter the most? We could guess. Though, we don’t know what happens within these people. Actually. How do we know that this someone had the best day ever?

Do we think like that from our POV (point of view)? Or maybe this person told us? If we are wrapped in our problems we couldn’t care less about their best day. On the other hand, we could push our problems aside for a second and celebrate with this person.

What do you do when a baby or a random person smiles at you? Do you stay grumpy? Or do you smile too?

Some time ago I made a rule for myself. It’s more like a statement. No matter how shitty I feel I won’t ruin a day of a happy person/baby. If they smile, I smile. I don’t have guts to ruin the mood of a curious baby. Plus I don’t want them to imprint my face as unhappy in their minds. They know things.

Every day we are alive is a good day. And, of course, my mind has a counter point. If you are kept alive by the machines, or your body is in a constant state of pain, or your body is not functional, yet your mind is aware. [Oh, this reminds me of someone being aware while in surgery. His/her body was under anesthesia, but not her eyes. She was completely aware and couldn’t do a thing. It was a book or a movie. Imagine seeing and hearing everything that happens with you, unable to move or say a thing.] Does this person has a good day?

I have a counter counter point. It’s you who has a say if this day matters. Can you be happy within your limitations? Can you make the best day in your life with what you have?

Every day is different (unless you have a routine written in a stone). Every day is a new experience. Experience is knowledge. Knowledge matters.

You can even learn from your lazy days. I’ve had days when I didn’t want to move a muscle. So I didn’t. I moved my mind instead. Tried my best to figure out what was happening. Lazy days matter. These are days when your body and mind says, “Be smart, take a rest.” A rest when the world is burning? Sure, why not.

Days that matter are days when you have the experience of being alive. When you feel alive, every day matters.