Dependence on others

Not just people. Everything else too. What I am wondering is, if true independence exists in these days. Has it existed before?

If I would ask you if you are presently truly independent, what would you answer?

Of course definition of independence can be individual too. What is independence to you? Just to take care of yourself without external help? For example parents, friends. Just you and no one else.

On the most basic level we are dependent on this planet for us to survive. The air. I’m talking about the oxygen. If we don’t breathe, we don’t live. Ok, that is unfair and evil. Or is it?

We also need water to survive. Where are we getting our daily water? From a market, then we are dependent on a market to supply us with water. From a tap, we are dependent on whoever is responsible for tap water. Even if we would be out in the nature, we would be dependent on the nature to provide us with water. Unless we can create water ourselves, we need other sources for it.

Food. We need it. Again, if we buy it in market, we are dependent on market. If we grow food ourselves we are dependent on the nature again. The same if we are foraging it or hunting animals.

The most important thing is internet. Can you imagine a life without it? I’m so old that I can. This thing has created such dependence on it, that in these days we can’t live without it. Almost everything happens through internet. It becomes even more important in this weird time. I’m currently dependent on my neighbour’s wifi (which is wonky for funny reasons), because mine doesn’t work. Wifi works, connection with ISP doesn’t. And I’m still in self-isolation. This is a true desperation.

I hope to live to the day when internet will be available no matter where you go. No matter what situation. You know, space internet. Something like that. A time where it is such a commodity that it is truly everywhere.

True independence. Does it really exist? No matter where you turn, we are dependent on something or someone. Look at our health. How healthy we are depends on what we eat and what we do with our bodies.

In a sense to be truly independent would mean doing everything yourself. And I mean everything. If suddenly you would find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Let’s say jungle. Desert seems too harsh. How confident would you be that you can survive a week there? Our lifestyles are such that most of us have no idea how to survive outside the city. Those who live in the country side might have a better chance of surviving. Though, their little place is their little world. Could they survive in the jungle?

To do everything by yourself is near impossible. You can’t even make money without others. There must be an exchange. Value for money.

So what does it mean to be truly independent? To be able to survive by any means necessary. Ability to live comes after the surviving has been experienced. Sure there are those who have never seen the surviving level. I am speaking about us. Mere mortals. Not them born in the godly realm of abundance. However any mortal who choses so, can reach this godly realm.

There is another question to ponder about. Is dependence on others necessarily bad? Most likely the answer is subjective. Depended on a society where one lives.

In other words co-dependence is what we should look for. We are social animals for a reason, right?