Difficulty level of the life

Legendary of course. If this life is a game, there must be difficulty levels, right?

Games have easy, normal, hard modes. Sometimes Legendary. A mode that transcends the hard. Before you start the game you can choose which mode to play.

As we are born, we can’t choose in which mode to play this game (unless we choose it before reincarnation as energetic beings). But let’s say we don’t choose it.

We are born into a difficulty level your parents are playing the game. As we grow, we take this difficulty as a baseline. Though, it might be more relevant in pre-internet days. At that time your knowledge about the rest of the world was limited. Nowadays you just need to open the internet, and you see all levels at once. Not to mention the fake ones. No wonder it is so easy to mess up the kids.

When we are born, we don’t choose the difficulty level. If parents don’t do anything to change it, we are stuck with it. You might think of it as a baseline at first, but then you open the internet. I don’t know how it feels to open internet for the first time in these days. My guess would be that the perception of life gets skewed a lot.

Though, I’ve seen parents pushing the exposure of screen and internet to babies, so maybe conscious exposure becomes a “norm”.

That aside, there comes a point in life where you can choose the difficulty yourself. Not sure if it is conditioning, but people tend to want an easy life. It is usually seen with people who struggle with their lives. They look at rich people and want the same life. Because their life looks easy. However, the life of rich people might not be that easy at all.

Choosing the difficulty comes with a responsibility. It is on you to create such life. If you do not succeed, you can’t blame others. Actually you can’t blame yourself either. It simply doesn’t help.

It is great if you choose to consciously change the difficulty. Because as you live you adjust it unconsciously. You do that by adopting habits and thought patterns that doesn’t fit you. Through them we make the life more difficult than it is.

Taking a simple example as talking. There are only two steps. One, you approach the person. Two, you start talking. How many steps do we go through usually? Around hundred (an exaggeration, but close). We go through our own filters and excuses. Other person goes through their filters and excuses. It gets worse if we want to talk with a president or celebrity, or any other person in higher status than us. Between us there are security protocols and stuff like that. Two simple steps become a convoluted maze.

That is how we live this life on daily basis.

Life as it is has no difficulty levels. We create them ourselves. Consciously or unconsciously. Also our knowledge plays a big role how difficult we make this life.

Our life is pretty much a choose your own adventure game. The same is with a difficulty level. Choose your own difficulty level for your choose your own adventure game.

Do you wanna play a game?