They exist. You do one thing and then, “Oh shiny.” Distracted you are.

The crazy thing is, you can be distracted for hours without noticing it. What is the source of this distraction? Something cool? Something awesome? Maybe you are trying to distract yourself from the reality you live in.

I guess it opens up a possibility of more than one type of distraction. Let’s see. You can be distracted on a whim while doing something. Someone else can distract you while you are doing a thing. You are unintentionally distracting yourself. Or you are intentionally distracting yourself. Anything else?

Distractions come and go. Just like thoughts they don’t stay. However, there is an unlimited supply of them. To become distracted is easy. Especially if you intentionally distract yourself. Do you do that to escape the reality? Or maybe you do that to fill the time?

Mindless time-filling always works. Hey, it’s morning. Wohoo, Sun is down, time to sleep.

The need to escape the reality is tougher. While you are distracted the reality doesn’t disappear. It keeps moving, yes. However the unresolved stuff will stick to it like a toilet paper to a shoe. To get rid of it you must reach down and remove it. Or you can step on the toilet paper with the other foot. That works too.

Distractions can be healthy and unhealthy. Healthy ones are preferable, because there is a word ‘Health’ in it. Ehm. To know which is which you must be aware why you are getting distracted.

Once you know the ‘Why’, you can examine your distraction. Is it necessary? Do you need it? Will it make things better or worse?

Think it through if you need this distraction. Maybe you just need the good old rest. A rest definitely is a better option to fill the time with.

Be aware of distractions that loom around the corner.