Don’t be a nut

What is a nut? We need context man. A nut is many things. It might even be your worst nightmare. You don’t want to see The Nut King. He is a little bit crazy. Rules over the Nut kingdom where nuts live.

Nutties as neighbors are calling them. No one usually goes to the Nut kingdom. In fear of catching the nuttiness that floats in the air. It is invisible. Easy to catch. Contagious some might say.

Of course there are rebels who doesn’t listen what elders say. Nut kingdom has the best parties in the world. You can’t stop youngsters going there. Parties are their life blood. Their food. Being so young they don’t see the dangers of the Nut kingdom.

You see, once Nut kingdom was on the verge of collapse. A mysterious force wiped almost all nutties away. Some historians say that all nutties were gone. No one knows the real truth.

Anyway. At that time Nut kingdom was a desolate place. A haunted place. Not a single soul dared to go there. Can you believe it? It was a free land to take, and no one took it for themselves. That is how afraid everyone was.

However, years later something happened. Nut kingdom began to flourish again. Not by other kingdoms. By nutties themselves. Or they descendants. There are rumors that they are converts from other kingdoms. Those were the first to catch the nuttiness.

The new Nut kingdom grew very fast. In no time it became as once it was before. It was something not seen before. Elders of other kingdoms made a new rule. No one is allowed to go to the Nut kingdom. Don’t be a nut (once it said, don’t become a nut).

Since the old days are gone and elders have left this plane of existence. Horror stories about the Nut kingdom are just that a stories. Now becoming a nuttie is a privilege among youngsters. They crave to be one.

That is how Nut kingdom has been growing since the day one. Lies upon lies that are spoken as truth. The amount of converts is increasing with each year. It is not easy to watch. Not easy to swallow.

Would you like to know who was the first one that heard me speak?