Doors to your mind

Let’s question our smartness. Do you feel smart? Intelligent? Or you are smart one day, and straight up dumb the next day?

Have you felt smart and dumb and the same time? It is a funny feeling. A mix of I can do this everyday and I know nothing. Just like Jon Snow.

Does it feel like there are some doors that open and close as they desire? Today you will know everything. But there is a catch. Tomorrow you will know nothing.

It is true that brains need some rest too. To filter what has been consumed, and to either discard it or store in the deeper layers of the mind.

It is also true that excessive consumption will burn your energy quite fast. Everything we do consumes energy. Unnecessary information is like an empty calorie. Only in reverse. Where empty calories fill you up giving nothing useful in return, unnecessary information drains your energy leaving you with full head of information you don’t need.

Combine both together and it is a KO.

Is there any surprise that mind doors decide to shut close? Brain needs a break too. Which is funny, since brain is active 24/7. Especially at night.

And the clock is ticking. Time doesn’t stop. We get stuck in a loop of smart and dumb. And behold, twenty years are gone.

I suppose the smart choice would be to choose one. Smart or dumb. I bet we all want to be smart, but end up being dumb.

Figure out what makes you smart and stick with it. Keep the brain door open. Discard all that makes you dumb. However there is a secret. Be smart, but act as dumb. That way you can get rid of unwanted people. It is also easier to end conversations. Plus while acting as dumb you will learn more.

Stick to being smart. And if you fail, there is always the next day.