Doubts on the chosen path

What if this wasn’t the right choice?

Doubts can creep in after you have chosen your path. If you have no doubts, congratulations. With your unwavering determination you will achieve anything you desire.

Doubts are blossoms of indecisiveness. When something on your new path doesn’t go as you would like to, doubts knock on the door. They are eager to tell you, “I told you so.”

Were they there when you made the choice? You bet they were. However, they have nothing to do with your choice. It was you, guided by your inner feeling, who made it.

Any new journey will be … well … new. The path is unknown. The land before you unexplored. Is it right to judge a pudding if it doesn’t taste like it did in your childhood? As time changes so do ingredients.

As you step on the chosen path, you take your previous experience with you. This is what you will cross reference your new experience with. Will it match perfectly? No it won’t. It is a new experience. It shouldn’t match at all.

If you think that going right will take you to the ocean, but you end up in a jungle, well, good for you. Enjoy the jungle. It is the experience we are seeking.

Doubts can question your choices as much as they like. Guess what, while they are doing their doubting thing, you just move forward. And for your surprise, on the other side of the jungle, there is an ocean. Or even better. A lagoon. A private heaven just for you.

Now imagine you would’ve listened to your doubts. I assume you would stop walking. You would start pondering about other choices. It could go on and on forever. While you are pondering the life keeps moving forward.

When you hear doubts, say to them, “I see you, I hear you. Let me try this experience, then we’ll see what will happen.”

Movement doesn’t clear doubts. However it gives clarity. And when you have clarity, you have knowledge. A knowledge to make better choices in the future.