Dreamscape [A poem]

A heart that beats in a
Rhythm of singing stars
Dreams too fast.

It rushes through the landscape
Of hidden thoughts,
Nigh invisible within
Reverberating gaps.

From which, darkness of
Suffocating void
Seeps in a dreamscape
To nurture
The star-filled womb.

When it vibrates and collapses
Life begins to beat with a
Rhythm of dying hearts.

Behind the poem:

A random poem because my mind is occupied with map making. I am able to write a poem of this length in a pretty short time. I’m actually able to write a short story in a pretty short time too. But (this is a beginning of an excuse) ‘but’ lives in butts. More seriously, when I’m focused on something nothing else gets in my mind. At least for worldbuilding. This week was/still is a map week. Continent shapes to be precise. I thought I found the one. Wrong. Just as I figured out climate zones and ocean currents, and tectonic plates, it became boring. Whip me but it’s the truth.

Mind occupied with that equals no time for stories. Despite them telling themselves in my head. Maybe I should just write them even if I’m not using them? I think I’m doing drafting in my head. First draft at least. To explain it better. It’s easier to go through different variations of something in the head then putting it out in written format. Audio format might work too, even though it’s still slower than internal thinking.

Suddenly the week or month is gone. Oops. I just realized I do too much of internal thinking and not external output. So selfish of me. Talking about selfishness. I mind mapped the shit out of my selfish interests and wants to see how I can turn my selfishness into selflessness. It’s a quite interesting exercise.

Back to poem. I wrote it in thirty minutes. Approximately. It’s a totally random one so that I can send a newsletter. Now I wonder what will happen if I write a newsletter without story or poem. Just a simple update. Might need try it one day.

Yes. Short poem. Long ‘Behind the poem’. That’s how life works.

A penny for your thoughts