Endless potential

We have it. All of us.

What is stopping us from fulfilling it? That is an easy answer. Us. Ourselves. Our habits and illusions. Maybe even delusions.

We can do anything we want. We can smash our limits in pieces.

However, do we need to fulfil our potential? Do we need to seek the ways to do it? You know, we could go mad from seeking it. It is a possibility if we can’t find it. And the search could go on and on. Endlessly.

Of course that’s the worst case scenario.

To find your potential someone should look from the outside. It is not always possible to see it by yourself. There are so many things happening within you, that your potential could become invisible.

Another pair of eyes can help you to see. Encourage you to pursue it. If it is in alignment with your heart. Your endless potential can open doors you never knew existed. It can offer you experiences you never knew you needed.

Embrace the thought that you can do anything.

You are capable of big things.

Breathe in the freedom of your soul.