Even sadder pretzels

Body was gone. Of course. Too much time had passed.

My theory is that they waited for us to leave. Once we were gone they snatched the our new friend’s body. Along with the tracker. This is such a sad day.

Only one thing makes me smile. My theory why they ignored us.

World is in chaos right now. All kinds of production have stopped. Including, this my guess, bullets. As time will go, this resource will become scarce.

Thus, shooting only one person is a consideration for the future. They counted on us to be spooked by this one shot. Whoever they are, they knew us very well. I applaud them.

Sudden sadness overwhelms me. I am one without a home.

Of course, I could go back, however as our leader said, “you will not find us again”. It is truth. As I walked away, they were packing their stuff. They were ready to move again.

Scared. Our group was traumatized by a single sniper shot. I can definitely understand that. If I try I can even sympathize.

There is no way back. I am alone. Once again. My theories, the only thing to keep me company.

To survive I need a goal. Something… something worth living for. Yes, I know what I need to do.

I’m sorry. You probably won’t like this.