Everyone is an NPC

It‘s a game. A mindset change.

Before I began to write this, I was sitting in a toilet (no joke) and I had a spark of a need to try a different mindset. This world as a virtual reality. All of it. It’s a game and nothing is real. This concept is not original and new. I have already read multiple articles about it. We live in a simulated reality and so on.

This change blossomed in my mind as I’m trying to get in upwork.com to try some freelancing. I’m not taking it seriously, two rejections even makes it fun. Everyone is saying not to take this life seriously. But it’s not so easy with all the problems around. This upwork thing doesn’t feel like it, though. Therefore this spark appeared.

Everyone is an NPC. A non-player-character, with predetermined behavior. With everyone I mean everyone. Both in real life and online. All surroundings are virtual not real, food is not real, air, water, it’s all virtual. Scary, isn’t it?

This mindset change has a purpose. To lock out other people opinions about me. To be more comfortable with myself. To be more comfortable doing my own thing without worries. To be more observant and look at this world with different perception. To be more of an explorer.

Obviously it’s not for forever. Seven days I think will be enough to test it out.

It also begs a question now. Who am I? If this is a virtual reality, a game, then I can’t be real also. Am I a glitch then? An npc that has gained awareness? We need to find it out. Plot thickens so to say.

The story goes like this. I am an NPC that has gained awareness. How? I do not know. What I now is that everyone else has predetermined, scripted behavior. And this world is not real in any sense. Therefore I am experiencing it as it is for the first time.

Game on.

A penny for your thoughts