Finding the rhythm

In dance. In breathing. In walking and running. Rhythm is something we seek to be in balance. It is a feeling of the whole.

It connects the whole and the opposite forces.

Rhythm is everywhere. In the wind. In music. You hear it when the rain falls. Even in silence it doesn’t sit still. To find it, we must know why we seek it. Then it is a simple matter of trial and error.

It is a conscious activity. You must be aware to observe and change it. If you are going too fast, slow down. If you are too slow, increase your speed. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

However to find the right balance requires patience. It is patience that keeps your head cool when you are out of balance and rhythm.

Wax on. Wax off.

Be aware of your movement. Not just external, but also internal. You will know when the balance is not there.

And now I want be a 150-year-old dude that is in 100% sync with reality.