Following your urges

Should you do that? Yes.

When I woke up today it was snowing. Not a storm, but close. A seed to go for a walk was planted in my mind yesterday. Just a random thought.

This morning I had a choice to stay at home or go for a walk. Home, warm and dry. Outside, wet and snowy. A walk it was. I once walked through a rain storm. Small snow storm is nothing.

For once I followed my own urge. Good thing I did it. While walking I stumbled upon a dude whose car had slid off the road. He managed to leave his phone at home too.

Thus I gave him my phone so that he can call and cancel some stuff. He actually slid off at quite a good place. For one, there was a home nearby. And, of course, it’s the path where I tend to walk lately.

When he finished his call, another dude from that nearby home drove to us and offered to help too. I did my part, so I kept walking.

Was this a chain of coincidences or something else?

It’s not often when there is an urge to go for a walk in a small snow storm. In a way it feels like an intricate puzzle where pieces fell in their right places.

Usually we don’t think about it. It is enough to keep track of what we are doing ourselves. To expand the chain of events to other people might be a bit troublesome.

Most likely we have specific urges every day. Do we follow them? Most likely not. We are busy with other stuff. More important stuff (at least that’s what we think).

We do not act on these urges, because it is an Unknown. Not safe. Or maybe we don’t hear/feel them strongly enough. Or we ignore them, because we think we are not ready or something.

These urges come and go. They do not stay. You either act on them or not. They might lead you to an adventure. Maybe you are supposed to help someone. Maybe someone will help you in turn. It is an Unknown, after all. A mystery box that appears at a random location.

When you have a strong urge, follow it. Follow the white rabbit to see where it will lead. Who knows, maybe it can change your life.