Giant’s sleepover

Don’t question the title. It will make sense. Probably. Just go with it, ok?

Have you had a sleepover? I don’t. Wait, unless sleeping in friend’s house as a young adult counts. Or it’s just a kid’s thing?

Anyway. Going a very deep and philosophical path, a Giant is an unfulfilled idea that returns in your mind. It stays there for a while bugging you, and leaves.

Just kidding. I don’t know what I’m writing. It is a good start though.

Unfulfilled ideas can be our dreams. We live our mundane lives. Time goes by. A sudden feeling hits us hard. An unexpected event blossoms. The shock passes and we see someone else living the life of our dreams.

This feeling of the failure lingers around long enough to make us miserable. Then we go back to the mundane life.

It’s just a random example that probably has happened to someone. Because whatever we write has happened or will happen. Time is weird.

That feeling of being a failure is not a stranger. Whole life you wished to be someone else. To do something else. Something you love. But life had its own twists and turns, and you got stuck where you are now.

Obviously you don’t like it. You also think that you can’t do nothing to change it. Which might be true. Might be false. That is what you think. It isn’t necessary the truth.

Of course, whatever we think is the truth. Until we are proven wrong.

I find it amusing when people say it is not impossible. Sure, it is not impossible for you, or at this moment. As soon as someone will do the impossible, everyone will do it.

Have you seen how many successful people are there? Like a lot. Diversity of successful people is enormous. To say that it is impossible to be successful in these days is ridiculous.

And then you say, “But you don’t understand. My situation is different. I am special and unique. I can’t succeed.” Or you just don’t want to succeed? You don’t want to put the time and energy in what it takes to succeed.

Your beliefs of the success are twisted out of proportion. Success is out of your reach, because you keep it at distance. You look at it through the window. Throw excuses at the glass. Do nothing to open that window and let the success in.

Definition of success in individual. Mine is pretty vague. Like a piss in the rain. Not sure what it means, but I’m leaving it in. Can it be vague and strong at the same time? It is like a shifting sand, or that magnetic fluid. That’s as visuals go.

We tend to think of success in terms of money and status. Maybe for someone laying in bed and munching on cookies is the pinnacle of success. More power to them.

Whatever your definition of success is, don’t let it run out. You might think it is too late. Unless you are two minutes away from death, nothing is too late.

You can succeed. To die without a guilt of a wasted life is probably what we should aim for. I’m saying that, because a lot of old people regret things they haven’t done in their lives.

Live such life that you don’t regret living.