Hidden waterfall

Yup. My titles from the outside look like story titles. They make no sense. Yet the meaning is hidden within a post (sometimes). If you are willing to look.

These titles began as joke. Now they kinda turned into a little experiment. Do these titles make google bots happy? Probably not. If I’ll keep doing this then the only way to pull people here is word of mouth. Psst…do the thing. I’m writing about “casual” problems in a hidden way. Well, it’s not exactly hidden. You just can’t tell from titles what the post is about. It’s like a Christmas gift.

I could research and write a big and long post for search engines (and people). Information is already out there. My long post would be a mix of these posts and my own knowledge. Most likely without a soul. I’ll still write it, though. Just to see if I can write a post that ranks in google. Website could use some domain authority numbers.

The way I write has a big benefit. It creates trust. If you are crazy enough to start from the very first post.

So there is an idea, sitting in my head, to structure posts like stories. They already are stories, but to push them even more could be interesting. Tip the scale more to fiction side. Knowledge I want to convey would be weaved within.

Writing every day is really interesting. I feel internal changes. It becomes easier and easier to write like this. No outlines. Free flow. Little overthinking. I’m gonna write like this until the June 2021. Then it will be a full year. Not sure how I’ll continue after that.

It’s funny. I don’t think I could write a novel in this way. That’s where I need outline. Too many puzzle pieces. Maybe it’s just a limiting belief, and I simply lacked practice. Worth to think about.

We are in the age where transparency is valued very high. Hidden things are frowned upon. That’s if we look at business stuff. Transparency in marketing is a biggie.

In the meantime words we say have so many hidden meanings. We are walking contradictions. A change in tone can change the meaning of your thought. Other times, you think one thing, say another. Or you misinterpret the context word is put in. Miscommunications. Miscommunications for everyone.

Let’s not forget aliens. What if we are hidden from their sight? When they arrive do they know who is the intelligent one on this planet? A communication barrier in a different format. We are hidden in plain sight.


It’s enough nonsense for one day.