How fast can you change?

Sadhguru said it’s easy. He has changed his personality three times (I think). And for him it was the same as to change his clothing. Sounds easy to me.

And it’s harder then it looks.

Slipping back in the old patterns is so easy. If you have made some progress already, something like one step forward. Slipping back is at least four steps back. And then you cry in the ice cream, it’s so delicious.

Wanting change means you want go from A to B. From the situation or something you are not happy with to the happy place in the future. You are projecting your change in a non-existent space. Future, just like past is a construct. Man made construct that doesn’t exist. Have you noticed that thinking about future is like watching in the void? Let’s say you want to change how you look. You can imagine your new appearance in the mind’s eye. But can you see it in timespace? Physical. Is there a timestamp when your new you will emerge? My new me is probably bored already, because I still see him as a future me.

What I should do. Or should’ve done quite a while ago, is to accept the future me in the present. I need to stop distancing from him. He doesn’t have Covid, by the way. It is safe to pull him in, hug him, and absorb him. Congratulations. Future you is now present you.

One important thing. Before you pull the future you in, you should sculpt him first. Write down everything you want to change. Mindset, environment, physical appearance, behavior, new hobbies. Make it as detailed as you can. Don’t skip anything. Not even kinky stuff.

Visualize your future you. Touch him, taste him, act like her, become her. Create a strong image in your mind.

Prepare to be pulled back. Your past. Your excuses. All the dirty baggage you can’t get rid off. It will happen. Unless you are mega strong.

For that change to happen you must accept it. For me it’s easy to accept external changes. I just skip these denial and hysteric parts and go straight to acceptance. But, for the love of the god, I struggle to accept internal changes. These come so slowly. Like years-go-by-fast slowly. And I’m talking about things I have figured out. Those other things. I just stare at them.

For example. It took a while, but I figured out why I have acne. It’s easy. From milk, refined sugar, too much carbs, overeating. That’s it. To have a clean gut, clean tongue, and clean skin I need to stop eating 99% of all food. Plus I need to have a self-control. My body tries to tell me that I’m not weird enough.

Changing eating habits is a pain in the ass. It’s so rooted in my culture and family, it’s crazy. This change has been going on for few a years now. Why so long? At first I had only a goal in my mind. Get rid of acne. No doctors, none of that stuff-you-put-on-your-face helped. Growing up didn’t change a thing. Not doing anything didn’t helped.

Only one knowledge did shed a light. All problems start from the inside. Food. Which food? No idea. Time to experiment. That takes years. Learning to feel. To understand. Got it.

Results were not funny at all. Are you telling me I can’t eat all that delicious food in the world, and I must eat a little bit at a time. Noooooo. This is where I struggle. Logically thinking I have two choices. Eat all you want, live with acne. Eat only 1% you can eat, live without acne. But all that food I must taste.

Let’s add my high standards to the mix. It’s a no brainer that I want live without acne. But all the food. This goes back and forth. And time doesn’t wait. As I said, acceptance is very important. Without it no change will happen.

Once you accept that you want to change it will happen instantly. Like a magic.

A penny for your thoughts