How to build your tribe

Out there. Where it’s dangerous. In a place where hoomans walk and communicate. This might end up as a post series. It won’t be a pretty sight.

Currently I’m clueless. I did spent most of the day looking at different communities. Some of the best ones aka the ones I think are cool, are behind the paywall. That makes me very excited. People behind the paywall are serious. Free communities are a mess.

I’m actually avoiding places like facebook and reddit. Yeah, I know, facebook is a giant recommended by everyone. First of all I don’t know what to do there. I looked at facebook communities years ago. The ones I was interested in weren’t even active. I don’t care about facebook, and it doesn’t serve my needs.

Reddit is a hell hole. In a good sense. It’s such a fun place, you can spend all day in it. I’ll absorb information like a sponge there. It’s a double edged sword. I like that place a lot. Is it a good place to find the right people? Theoretically Yes. Practically it’s like searching needle in a haystack.

Then there is twitter. I somehow found writing community. Yaaay. That’s when I was in high spirits to establish myself as a writer. Well, I am a writer now. A published writer, if you count my work in couple anthologies. Plus I made my own books too. But I grow and change. Writing is just one aspect of many. One medium of self-expression. That is true for most of the people there. I have a vague idea what others are doing behind the scenes. Which is why I think 99,9% are not walking anywhere near my current path. Thus not the right community.

Also I have locked Raijori on twitter as a writer. I really need to unlock and expand it.

Continuing with twitter, I looked at business hashtags. Gosh, what a mess. Mostly empty self-promotion. Nothing serious or useful. So, yeah, on twitter you must be super duper lucky to find like-minded people. 0,01% for me.

Let’s imagine that my content brings value to people. What kind of people would it help? Those who walk behind me. I’m learning how to start business and how to earn money, and how to create like-minded community. It should tell you I’m not exactly IRL friendly. It’s changing, though. Basically, people behind me are loners and losers that aim for better life aka me few years ago.

I’m definitely not creating content for established business owners and successful people. Not yet at least. If I treat my content as an entertainment. That’s a different story. Then it’s for everyone. It should be fun to watch me learn and grow.

How do we build a tribe? We find people that we think are cool. Tie them up. Drag them to our home tree. Rinse and repeat.

For bloggers it is useful to create a persona to whom they are writing. The same for business owners it is useful to create a perfect client. I used the same approach to create the perfect tribe. It’s not a complete list.

  • – Growth oriented.
  • – Open minded.
  • – Vegans.
  • – Foodies.
  • – Spiritual.
  • – Action oriented.
  • – Business owners.
  • – Creative people.
  • – Enjoy traveling.
  • – They read books.
  • – Writers.
  • – Speakers.
  • – Rockers and headbangers.
  • – Punks.
  • – Fun people with similar humor.
  • – Video/movie makers.
  • – Musicians.
  • – Bloggers.
  • – Confident.

It’s a quick list I wrote couple days ago. First ideas that popped in my mind. Can one person embody all of that? Most likely not. That’s why it’s a tribe. A place where people can learn from each other. I would say my mind is going in a direction of a mix of Woodstock and Heavy Metal concert. Who wants to invite me to the Burning Man..khmm…khmm.

As I said the best communities are behind the paywall. I think it is inevitable that I will create something similar. Not this year or next year, but someday.

A penny for your thoughts