How to understand your life

By living it. Can you understand your life in a different way?

Once I hoped to understand my life by reading books. It made me more confused. The thing with books is that they are written by people.

Books written by people are tricky. What you are reading is authors’ knowledge filtered through their experiences. You are reading what worked for them. Personal growth or business, it doesn’t matter.

It is similar to “give thousand monkeys a typewriter and one will write a novel.”

Write a book, and it’s inevitable that few thousand people will resonate with it. It’s also inevitable that few million people will think your book sucks.

Is it possible to understand your life from thousand-year-old books? What do you want to understand about your life?

Do you know why there are books that feel timeless? We live in skyscrapers, poop in toilets between clouds, drive in nice cars. It is a really nice wrapping. Though, our nature hasn’t changed much for the last 2 million years. Our primal emotions, instincts. All of it still inside of us. We are still struggling to understand ourselves. We’ve been doing it since the time we could think abstract thoughts.

Those who wrote them down in scrolls and books would laugh now. We have yet to find something they couldn’t. And it’s been thousands of years. The same thoughts rearranged in thousands of different ways. Information is not new. It’s the package that is changing. Over and over again.

‘How to understand my life’ is not an easy question. What should I do? How should I live? What is expected from me?

Books can you give a glimpse or a little nudge. When you are influenced by the experience of others, how do you know your own answers to your questions? Is there the right answer at all?

To understand your life you must know what works you. What resonates with you. What vibes with you. Sometimes you’ll find it easy. Other times frustration will stick to your feet.

For now the best answer I have is simply to live. Yet it is a difficult answer. What does it mean to live? How do you know that you are living at all?

Do I know myself that I’m living? I breathe. I walk. I think. Does it count as living?

I think awareness plays a big role. Are you consciously aware of your life. Be it rich or poor. Happy or miserable. Are you consciously aware of the life you are living?

We tend to rush through this life without noticing ourselves. There is no time to stop. To be aware. It’s a crazy world out there.

Pause for a minute and observe yourself.

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