How to write 100 blog posts

Start with one word. Add another word. Now it’s time to add the third word. How many words are in one hundred posts?

I’ll take average of six hundred words for my posts. There are shorter posts and there are much longer posts. Thus, in my hundred posts there are 60k words. 20K short from a YA novel. It took me three years to write them. Is it possible to write them faster? Well, duh, write everyday from the very beginning. It’s only hundred days.

Do not give up

It’s like with everything else. Persistence. I have months long holes in my blog. During that time I took a break to do something else. It’s a long period of trial and error. Should I make it a niche blog? Should I make it a personal diary blog? Should I make it a personal development blog? Should I stop blogging? Should I write once a day, once a week or once a month?

It’s easier if you know the purpose of your blog, and the future of it. My first purpose was finished when I posted first six posts. All that accumulated energy within dissipated. After that I was lost. Obviously I had big plans. None of them stayed long enough to write hundred posts. Hence the trial and error part.

Find your flow

When do you write the best? In the morning, evening, night, busy day. Where do you write the best? Alone, in crowded places, in silence, in nature. That takes experimentation. I prefer to write in the morning. Yet I’m practicing to write in the evenings.

How long can you keep up writing? Can you write multiple posts in one day, or one post is your limit? Lots of professional bloggers write one super long post for a week.

Know why are you writing

Are you writing for fun? Are you trying to give value to others? Are you writing with an intention to monetize your blog? It’s quite hard to keep writing if you don’t know why are you writing. I put on myself a lot of pressure to give specific value with my writing. I failed. It’s interesting how writing like this can help to grow. I’ve discovered many new things about myself while writing these hundred posts.

When I failed to write for value I took another break. Thinking it through I decided to simply write. Since there was no traffic I could do it without unnecessary pressure. For thirty days I wrote whatever came to my mind. It was fun. I’m still writing everyday. It’s still fun. And when the fun part is locked in, there is space to think how I can write with an intention to help others.

Learning how to write and finding how you write is a long game. One hundred posts is just a beginning. It’s a growing experience that can only get better.

A penny for your thoughts