Hunters in the sky

Mini picnics are peaceful. Dare I say Zen Picnic?

Yesterday I did a small walk with a mini picnic. Above my head hunter birds (i’m not a bird expert, ok?) were flying.

It reminded me of longings some humans have.

β€œI wish to be free like a bird.”

β€œIt is so nice to fly around like that.”

Birds are not flying around, just because. Ok, they do when they feel chill vibes. However, they spend their days hunting. Searching for the food. Defending their territories.

Birds don’t have an easy life. Just like us they are trying to survive. Are they free to do what they wish? I suppose it depends on what ‘free’ means to you.

They are free to fly around. Free to search for food. Free to find a partner. Do they work? Do they pay taxes? To survive is their work. As taxes go, unless they serve under some bird boss, they fly tax free. Though I wonder. What happens when they want to hunt in a different territory? Do they share their prey with owner?

My brain from the education of Animal Documentaries reached a conclusion that animals like to cooperate. To have symbiotic relationships. Can there be a mutually beneficial relationship between the hunter and prey?

On the first glance it seems that ‘No’. It is a one-way street. Prey runs away. Hunter hunts it. However, only a good hunter catches a prey. Bad hunter stays hungry. Could we say that good prey is training bad hunter?

We learn from experience. Animals do the same. There is a movie pitch. Seasoned prey, one who has survived hundreds of huntings, trains new hunters. Hunters respect this prey. They don’t try to hunt it anymore. Except few hotheads.

Older hunters usher new ones to practice hunting with this prey. While, new preys are learning escape techniques from the seasoned prey. With each practice seasoned prey gets better and better.

That is an interesting idea. Hunters and prey sit together to develop new techniques.

It is not a weird concept for humans. Those who give their knowledge away for free are feeding their competitors. It’s not unheard of for competitors to help each other in a more direct way.

Obviously there are people who exploit these relationships. They don’t get far with their ventures.

We call ourselves humans. We are upright walking animals. Not so different from our wild friends. Our survival instincts are the same. Another interesting thought.

We are still evolving, right? Or do you believe that we have reached our maximum evolution? Our animal instincts are innate. It is possible to overwrite them. As more often we do that, Reality and nature takes cues. Our next evolution could be where we have no animal instincts left. Then, and only then, we can say, that we have transcended Animal Kingdom.

That again sounds like a movie. Our future generations will have an innate control of emotions. They will not have the Fight or Flight response. I kinda imagine them quite peaceful. Thinkers without fear. They can assess situations lighting fast. Find solutions to problems easily. Though, it sounds like a learned skill.

They’ll be Zen-like creatures. When they will learn about history, they’ll look at us as primitive beings. Our period is a crucial point of change. A shift into different consciousness. A preparation for the next evolution. Revolution is coming.

Or we’ll just wipe ourselves clean from the planet. ‘Cause we like to paarteeeyy.